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Iconic Listings only charges their clients a 1.5% listing fee because we believe in what it stands for.  Paying us less means that you get more, and we’re okay with that.  Iconic Listings has built their business on providing value and savings in every way possible.  Whether that’s more money in your pocket or more knowledge in your reach.  Simply put, Iconic Listings is all about opening doors and closing deals, and we’re willing to roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

``Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.``

~ Denzel Washington



Why we do real estate differently

The simple answer is because we choose too!

We know we have to work harder and smarter to make as much income as our fellow Realtors but we are okay with that.  It just means we are helping more people and that is the heart of our business.

How we do real estate differently

We choose to provide value to our clients through commission savings.  This attracts clients when they are ready to make a move verses hassling those that are not. We are here and ready to go when our clients need us. 

We choose to use technology to continually provide information to our clients and simplify the backend tasks necessary for a successful real estate transaction.  This allows us to be more efficient and focused on our clients needs. 

We choose to give back to our community because we want to lend a helping hand.  For every home bought and sold we give 5% of our commission to local charities.

We choose to provide our clients with a full list of services they would see from any standard Realtor PLUS numerous powerful advantages that make us truly iconic.  Get more, but pay less!

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Kelly Schnack

Kelly Schnack is a corporate civil engineer turned real estate agent!  She’s not your typical realtor: she’s an out-of-the-box, value driven, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of agent that does real estate differently.  Although Kelly left behind her 8-to-5 desk job, she carries her knowledge and background with her to every home that she sells or shows.  Kelly can examine basement cracks, talk potential leaks, and tell you why the house should sit like that and not like that.  Consider Kelly your personal encyclopedia of engineering knowledge that you don’t have to use your Amazon Prime membership to snag.  She’s an open book and she’ll tell you if the home is a good investment, if it’s settling well, or if you should run for the hills!

Right hand pup to the boss, Co-Pilot, Dog Model, Teddy Bear Stunt Double


Are you a puppy?
    • Nope.  Although I am flattered by this question I am actually 6 years young.
What breed are you?
    • My momma was a chow chow mix and my daddy was a basset hound mix according to my DNA test. So I am the best breed of all…a MUTT.
What are your favorite pastimes?
    • Shopping at Scheels, people watching, dog watching, squirrel watching, long walks and naps with my mom, being the co-pilot during car rides, eating cookies
When is your birthday?
    • We are not sure when my birthday is as I’m a rescue pup. My mom found me at KCK Animal Shelter and picked me up at Melissa’s Mengarie just a few days later.  We’ve been best friends ever since! My mom chose my birthday to be November 24th as it’s a special day to her.  Another important day is my Gotcha Day.  My mom rescued me on Mother’s Day May 2019 so we always celebrate our special day on May 1st.  I usually get lots of doggo cookies, doggo ice cream and we are together all day.  So if you call her on this day and she doesn’t answer it’s because we are too busy having fun.
What is your favorite meal?
    • Pancakes and bacon
Who do you model for?
    • Well, I’m still waiting for my big break.  I know it’s hard to believe.  If you are interested in hiring me as a model please contact my agent…aka my mom.
What is your favorite outfit?
    • Hemlock bandanas of course.

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