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Approximately 3.3 million companion dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide each year. I find this number staggering.
This is why we at Iconic Listings are devoted to dedicating our time and finances to helping local shelters rehome pets and bring awareness to the problems associated with the growing pet population.
This month we are sponsoring KODA, a sweet, handsome athletic boy just waiting for someone to open their heart and forever home to him. If you’d like to learn more you can find him here at Petfinder.


So you’ve decide you have the time and financial means to care for a new pup.  What next?  According to a report by ASPCA….

23% of dogs come from an Animal Shelter

20% from friends/relatives

34% from a breeder

If you truly care about the well being of animals and reducing the current pet population to ensure dogs are not euthanized, then the obvious answer is to look for your pet via one of the many local animal shelters.  You can find purebred dogs, puppies, and senior dogs all waiting for a loving home.

So you’ve decided you have the time, but not the financial means to support a dog.  GOOD NEWS you can still help by fostering a dog.  Most local shelters will pay for the care of the dog as long as you commit to providing a loving and safe home environment for them.  Contact your locals shelter to learn more about foster programs.

So you already have a house full of pups, but want to continue helping. Please consider volunteering your time or donating to your local shelter.

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