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Approximately 3.3 million companion dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide each year. I find this number staggering and am left asking the question why. Where are all these dogs coming from and how do so many people find it so easy to give up on their family pet.
This is why we at Iconic Listings are devoted to dedicating our time and finances to helping local shelters rehome pets and bring awareness to the problems associated with the growing pet population.
This month we are sponsoring MIKEY, a sweet playful shepherd mix just waiting for someone to open their heart and forever home to him. If you’d like to learn more you can find him here at Petfinder.

To learn more about how you can help make a difference read on….

According to ASPCA and my own involvement in a local animal shelter I have found that the top reasons, in no particular order, dogs are re-homed is due to:

  • problematic behaviors
  • the dog grew larger than expected
  • health problems the owner could not handle
  • families move and cannot bring their pet
  • when their is a new baby
  • when someone passes away and no family members want to care for the pet
  • a family simply just doesn’t want the pet anymore because it’s old and they want a new puppy. Pretty cruel thing to do to man’s best friend

There are much better ways to resolve the majority of these issues than just dumping your dog at the local animal shelter, which is most likely already overcrowded.

The most obvious solution…. BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER by….

STOP and THINK before you decide to get a dog.

Don’t get a dog based on emotions alone because they are so cute. Do some research to determine if you and your family have the TIME AND FINANCIAL MEANS to care for a pet properly based on your current and future family dynamics. This can include the basics such as food, a collar, kennel, leash; but also vet care (vaccinations/spay/neuter), kenneling/doggy day care/dog walker, MONTHLY heart worm and flea/tick treatments and training when issues arise. Ask yourself if you have the time and desire to include your dog in family activities, outings and gatherings.

So you’re moving…Are you sure you cannot take your dog? Your dog is a member of your family. When moving remember to consider their needs as well as your own. If you absolutely cannot find a place that allows dogs then talk with friends and family first to see if they can care for your pet while you search for other arrangements. However, never just hand your dog over to a stranger or post your dog for free online.

So you’re having a baby, congratulations! However, that doesn’t mean you need to give up your family dog. Growing up with a dog can be a wonderful experience for children. The key is to ensure your dog is properly trained and exposed to babies and small children before your child is born. Talk with a local dog trainer to learn how to be prepared.

So your dog is ill and you can no longer care for them. It is understandable that the financial expenses of a dog can become overwhelming but that doesn’t mean that giving up your dog is the only option. The most important thing to do is to be proactive from the beginning to keep your dog healthy. This means your dog is eating healthy diet that meets their needs, you are providing monthly heartworm and flea/tick treatments, your dog is receiving adequate exercise and last but not least your dog has been spayed or neutered. If you’ve done all this and your dog still ends up with a major health issue then consider money saving tips such as resisting the urge to buy extras such as new collars before there needed, expensive treats, overpriced dog beds, etc. Contact your local human society to get info and assistance with lower cost vet care or financial assistance with your dogs care.

So your dog ate your couch and shoes while you were at work. Most dogs have issues of one sort or another at some point. Just like people, no dog is perfect. Take the time to figure out why your dog is acting out in the manner that it is. There is always a reason and often times a simple solution. Talk with a local pet trainer to find help before giving up. Can’t afford a training then talk with your vet to find a solution.

No matter what your circumstances ABANDONMENT is NEVER acceptable and it’s illegal. Be responsible and work with the local human society or a local shelter you trust to re-home your pet

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